Karen Lewis

“ I highly recommend working with Karen Lewis of Lewis Legal. Karen is pleasant and empathetic, at the same time she is very clear and structured when explaining complex matters, getting things down to clear ,easy to understand specifics. Karen was able to negotiate a realistic settlement, in a few phone calls, that I had been attempting to resolve for over a year. “
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lewislegal, business and property lawyer, can assist you with your personal legal needs in the following areas:

Wills and Estate Planning

o   Wills - simple and sophisticated

o   Testamentary Trusts

o   Enduring Powers of Attorney

o   Enduring Guardianship

o  Superannuation

o  Death Benefit Nominations

Probate and Administration of Estates

o   Executors' Duties

o   Estate Management

o   Contested Wills & Estate Disputes


o   Contracts for Sale and Purchase

o   Mortgages

o   Loan Agreements


o   Loan and Security Agreements

o   Prenuptial and Separation Agreements

o   Domestic Relationship and Financial Agreements

o   Deeds of Family Arrangement


o   Review and Amend old Trust Deeds

o   Change of Trustee or Appointor

o   Setup new Discretionary, Fixed and Hybrid Trusts